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Global Pharmaceutical Company

On-demand fitness “a homerun” for field sales

“Wellbeats fit the field sales demographic very well. They needed something super convenient and pocket-sized because they’re on the road a lot.”

Ryan Popek

Ryan Popek

Multi-site Fitness Center Manager

A world renowned pharmaceutical company producing a COVID-19 vaccine piloted Wellbeats with employees at two locations when the pandemic struck, and their fitness centers closed. Wellbeats enabled the company to expand wellness services from 1,000 employees to the entire U.S. population. To promote Wellbeats, Ryan’s team produces creative videos like a spoof of a movie, catchy themes like Ninja Warrior Challenge, digital communications that deep-link to Wellbeats classes, and more.

“Every Thursday is Wellbeats day. We highlight a class or a feature of Wellbeats [on our corporate social media site].”